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Choose From 5 Different MUVISTAR Brushless Gimbal Camera Rigs:

2 Axis Gimbal, or 3 Axis Gimbal? It is a question you must answer before getting a MUVISTAR brushless gimbal camera rig because the Maxicopter rig sells with a few different configuration options as a made to order system.

maxicopter muvistar brushless gimbal camera rig

The MUVISTAR brushless gimbal camera rig comes in five different flavours:
KIT A – $1999
KIT B – $3499
KIT C – $3999
KIT D – $4999

Here is a straight rip about the Muvistar:

It is steady cam device of a new concept of controlled electronically using the sensors and brushless motor.
+ Specification
– size : 520w x 350h x 300d mm
– weight : 2kg
– supporting camera : Canon 5D Mark III, EOS-1D C & DSLR
– payload : below 2.5kg (4114 motors update for bigger cameras)

+ Basic kit Packing list
– 3-axis steady cam for DSLR
– 3-Axis controller

+ Requirement
– Radio transmitter & receiver(2.4ghz, more 6channel)
– Wireless video input/ output device.
– 3~-4.

It must be adjusted out three axis G0(center of gravity) by mounting the camera and lens users need.

It can use the zoom lens, but the angle of view is is not possible to use the zooming during operation due to a change in center of gravity.

It can not use a product that can give a load to the operation when using the other accessories and follow focus.

It can not use a heavy camera and lens more than the recommended weight, and there is a limit the length of the lens.

If it is not possible to change the G0 (center of gravity) points in sliding depending on the type of camera,it must be fitted with different weights.

7 Affordable Gimbal Stabilizers Cheaper than the DJI Ronin M

DJI has recently made waves in the market of affordable gimbal stabilizers when they announced the shocking low price of their new DJI Ronin M. At $1,399 it offers a very competitive alternative to other low cost gimbal systems. But there are still a few affordable brushless gimbal stabilizers out there that are even cheaper.


Considering that many other systems still cost above $5,000 and the original Movie M10 cost $15,000 the Ronin M seems like a huge offer for people who want the handheld stabilized look of brushless gimbals.

The following products are selected solely because of their price and ability to handle small to medium sized cameras. We have not tested them, nor can we recommend any of them. I have included some videos and reviews of other users though, to give you an idea of what to expect.

Note that choosing the wrong gimbal can be real frustrating. Some of them are not top notch in terms of usability and ease of use. The DJI Ronin M on the other hand seems like a great choice in terms of ergonomics, which is why the low price is so revolutionary.

If you have worked with any of the gimbals, or know of other low cost gimbals that are missing in the list, please do let us know in the comments.

[Prices and Links Updated Nov. ’15]

Gudsen MOZA Lite

storeliteThe Gudsen MOZA looks like a perfect ripoff of a ripoff, or is it the other way around? There is a very close resemblance to the DJI Ronin and DJI Ronin M. There are 3 versions of the Gudsen MOZA gimbal. The basic version does not include the wireless thumb controller, wireless video transmitter, monitor or case.

Notice the tool-less design and quick-release system. But the maximum payload of 3.0kg is less than the DJI Ronin M reaches.

Costs $1099 

The following videos are for the large version MOZA:



Came-Tv Came-7800

IMG_445738The Came-7800 is an advancement of the Came-7500 which is an advancement of the Came-7000. This one comes as a tool-less version and seems to perform quite well as described in some user videos. It has a maximum payload of 3kg, the DJI RoninM handles 3.6kg.

Costs $1,179 




Came-Tv Came-Mini

came-mini-3-axis-camera-gimbal-for-gh4-a7s-so-on-casestandThe Came-Mini is a smaller version gimbal that can hold cameras up to the weight of a Sony a7S or Panasonic GH4. It’s nice that it includes the joystick and a case.




TubeAce Allsteady-6Pro

mainlight_02172015_800x800.1The Allsteady-6Pro is the heavy version of the TubeAce gimbal family. It weighs 2.7kg and has a payload capacity of 3.6 kg. Their promo video is nice.

Costs $1.399 



TubeAce Allsteady-4

allsteady4_mainThe Allsteady-4 is TubeAce’s lightweight gimbal version and comes in at only 1.1kg. But it can only hold cameras up to the weight of a Sony a7S or Panasonic GH4, just like the Came-Mini.

Costs $799 


DYS Eagle Eye

HTB1d_YYGpXXXXanXFXXq6xXFXXX4This gimbal is the usable ebay knockoff version in gimbal world. Apparently the DYS Eagle Eye is actually a rebranded old Came-Tv Came-7000. It seems to be important to get the “32 bit” version which has the “Alexmos” chip.

Costs $600 – $800 



Acceptable Do-It-Yourself Version: MiniGimbal Tiyaga

Tiyaga_frontThey guys from Cheesycam decided to make their own gimbal. This one however seems lighter and also weaker than the others and it needs some DIY skills to pull it off.

Costs $650 













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